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Benefits of Being a KOVA Member

The specific purposes of KOVA are:

 To create a community of concerned citizens, agencies and organizations which shall work to:

 Assist in the exchange of information and ideas relevant to victims of crime

Further victim advocacy through a commitment to addressing the needs of crime victims and providing support to victim service providers

Encourage the sharing and utilization of resources

Identify and address other issues of concern to crime victims

To encourage and support the development and continuation of victim services throughout the state.


To extend help to other community based victim support groups and improve the efficiency of KOVA members, law enforcement personnel, other members of the criminal justice system, and the interested public in responding to the needs of victims of crime.


To develop and present educational materials and events for public and professional information.


To provide a mechanism for cooperation and concerted action on policies and programs which affect victims of crime and KOVA members.

Why should I join KOVA?

Are you interested in promoting and protecting the rights of victims of crime?  KOVA advocates for public policy on behalf of crime victims, ehances public awareness and provides information to strengthen victim services across Kansas.

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